Here at Galaxie we offer a wide range of services to meet any needs you may have!

We specialize in powder coating, CeraKote ceramic coating, sandblasting, polishing, and we even do pick up and deliveries for your convenience!


Specializing in powder coating opens avenues to your wildest imagination! The benefits and options of powder coating over paint has been proven by its durability, longevity, and sustainability! There are thousands of colours, finishes to choose from and even offer colour matching options to give you the finished product you want!


WE ARE CERAKOTE CERTIFIED!! Being one of the only certified CERAKOTE ceramic coating providers in our area, we are excited to expand our services available and products offered! The benefits of CERAKOTE -Thermal barrier that can lower the outside temperature of headers and pipes , thereby extending the life of the parts.


We offer high quality and professionally custom to industrial sandblasting as well as bead blasting! Whether you have a large project you want blasted for a fresh start or a smaller project we have the ability to meet your needs! Our team at Galaxie are dedicated to giving you the best look for your product or project! No matter the situation whether it be removing a tough surface or simply you want to prepare your project for the next step, sandblasting is the first step! Sandblasting is a process that uses air pressure and abrasive material to remove tough coatings, to smooth down a rough surface or to roughen a smooth surface.


We even have a polisher! So those rims that just quite don’t have the same shine as they used to or small project that could use a extra shine, we have a 2’x2’x5′ poslisher that is calling your name! Polishing is a simple process that brings back that smooth shine, “like new” look! One of the benefits is those tiny scratches that just don’t quite buff out with polishing will disappear, among many other advantages!